not something i’d get, but it’s definitely prettyyyy :)


I got this tattoo about a year ago. Bob Layne was my artist and he did an absolutely tremendous job! I got it while he was working at Diabolik Ink but he is now working at The Brass Quill Gallery in Valdosta, Ga. The blue garter represents purity. But I mostly got it due to spending most of the childhood as a tomboy. As I got older, I sort of grew into my womanhood and figured that the blue guarder would represent that perfectly. This tattoo took seven hours, and it was definitely worth it!

I set a link to go to the Brass Quill Gallery’s facebook page when you click the picture. Check them out!

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bicycle increases hipster factor to 7. bicycles with a straw basket in front increases hipster factor to 10.


Who should really be riding this bike? Some would say a small, female child who is wearing a white helmet with butterfly stickers all over it. Others would say a small, androgynous hipster who will soon apply some neon plastic beads and puff paint to the frame and park it conspicuously on a trendy street. One man, who probably has incredible knee pain and a wish to be clipped by fast-moving vehicles on 23rd and Park (NYC), says that anything goes. It is his bike and he is carpe diem-ing all the way down that crosswalk.

Submitted by an anonymous good Samaritan.

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oh god YES.

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always inspired by those driven by passion


I’m 19, and this is my very first tattoo. When I was 10, I ended up in orchestra by pure coincidence. I took a liking to the violin, and it remained my passion for 5-6 years, after that, I became an actress and vocalist. I still love the performing arts, and am pursuing my interests in them. This tattoo is paying homage to my first teacher, Ms. McCray, who gave life to my musical passion. It changed my life forever.

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woohoo this is retro^2


Paper Game Boy

by Zim And Zou.

More creative inspiration.

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so awesome

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Dash Berlin x Jonathan Mendelsohn- Better Half of Me (acoustic!)

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Up up here we go.

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(via Nap Time | Utterly Cute) ~ Sweet Dreams beautiful friends ♥

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